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~ Long nights hazy days ~
Edwardian hand and quill! Thank you for making the trip just for me! Heart not by me ~
From the Sea To the Sky ~ diving helmet and feather. Thanks Tom!
Making a series of mini paintings because, well why not? If enough people like them I guess I’ll make prints. And of course, I’d love to tattoo this ~ stag beetle holding tulips x
'A day may come when the courage of men fails… But it is not This day.' Details from LOTR themed rib pieces I did last week. Thanks for making the journey C! ~
Details from yesterday ~ thank you for all of your kind comments and support of my work! To all my clients existing and new, those who travel from abroad and those who come every two weeks! You guys are Rad xxxxx
King of Hearts I designed and tattooed ~ completed in 2 days this weekend. Thank you Frankie for coming over from Brussels ~ inside of calf
'All my Possessions for a moment of Time' ~ the end result of a marathon day and night of tattooing! Making memories I'll never forget with friends I'm lucky to have xxx
This happens tonight! Super Excited!
Flower Blizzard on my chicklet Etienne ~ in progress some healed some fresh x