Tattooist at Shall Adore Tattoo, Shoreditch. For custom work email / 02077294647

First session on this Ernst Haekel skeletal floral structure and lilac lotus sleeve. you sat so well thank you Sarah!
Periwinkle Pansies and a moth ~ thank you Katalin always a babe x
'My glass runneth quickly.'  Symbol of Death from 1651
With big thanks to all my clients who let me create Rad pieces and enable me to grow and support me by getting my art! Love to all of yous xxx also massive appreciation to @blackworkers @inkjunkeyz and @darkartists who have all featured my works on their pages recently. I am truly honoured ~
Had an epic time with Colin making these rib LOTR rib pieces. Left is the pilgrimage of mankind and the right shows three Nazgul Ring Wraiths. Thanks for coming from Australia and I will see you soon!
~ Long nights hazy days ~
Edwardian hand and quill! Thank you for making the trip just for me! Heart not by me ~
From the Sea To the Sky ~ diving helmet and feather. Thanks Tom!
Making a series of mini paintings because, well why not? If enough people like them I guess I’ll make prints. And of course, I’d love to tattoo this ~ stag beetle holding tulips x
'A day may come when the courage of men fails… But it is not This day.' Details from LOTR themed rib pieces I did last week. Thanks for making the journey C! ~